1. 2011/11,Found in Shenzhen, developed the Shooting Integration System
  2. 2013/3,The only consumer Video Game Gun for PS3,Xbox360
  3. 2013/7,Developed Delta Six after it is successfully funded in Kickstarter
  4. 2014/10,Customed the video game gun for “Halo 5” for Microsoft Paris Show
  5. 2014/10,X-Rover game awarded the Champion of the cultural and creative competition
  6. 2015/1,Uniqually provide the VR game gun customization service 
  7. 2015/9,Provide the integrated VR shooting system for theme park.
  8. 2016/3,Awarded by TFC “Golden Apple for most growth potential brand X-Rover in AR/VR industry”
  9. 2016/6,Featured the  VR system with Positional Track and Omnidirectional treadmill solution







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