• GEVEK,scientific research and technology leading virtual reality company, founded in October 2014, is headquartered in Beijing, China a focus on the field of virtual reality research and development to promote, collect virtual reality intelligent hardware equipment development, virtual reality games, movies and other product development, production, promotion in one of the virtual reality hardware and software companies. Company's current products include: full touch screen handle, OSEngine system, ROM system, VR AppStore, PC Activation Assistant, VR smart glasses.

  • Shanghai Lexiang Technology Co., Ltd. is a phase VR | VR technology-driven products company, its business areas, including the development of virtual reality terminal, construction of virtual reality content platform.DEEPOON LOOK crowdfunding is exceeded 500 million mark, DEEPOON is a leading virtual reality technology company.

  • 3Glasses Virtual Reality Technology Co., Ltd. to focus on smart wearable devices, virtual reality, augmented reality and other areas of research and development work, has over 10 years of virtual reality technology precipitation. It is one of the earliest in the VR industry companies.

  • VRLE "music off VR", is a virtual reality content development company. Team by a group with extensive film production, game development, research and development and large-scale entertainment industry elite formation, focusing on the development of virtual reality theme entertainment, interactive virtual reality game development, virtual reality film production, research and development in areas such as virtual reality tour. Experience also has a first platform virtual reality first domestic line.

  • NIBIRU Nanjing Rui Yue Information Technology Co., Ltd. aims to establish bridges the physical world and the virtual world. Company-led R & D Nibiru SDK system through interactive SDK, VR SDK (graphic image SDK, audio SDK) and other core technologies established through software, hardware, peripherals, entertainment devices on the downstream ecosystem, technology is changing the way the user's entertainment .


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